Martin Rariga

Solving the right problems with the best solutions.


Leading design at one of the most admired SaaS metrics analytics tool. Working at the intersection of product, marketing and brand design.


I co-founded Maker and I’m responsible for creative direction, product design, branding and marketing. Simple and powerful product management tool to help small-to-medium teams spend their time working on things that matter.


Salesmessage is easy, two-way business texting that helps you grow. I worked with the team at Salesmessage on new direction of their brand, marketing and products - both mobile and desktop apps.


Curaytor builds set of expert services and tools to get marketing right for realtors. As it grew in complexity over time it became hard for users to navigate and discover its full potential. I designed an interface that unified all of those tools into one coherent experience.

"Martin's ability to quickly learn our business case and technological objectives enabled us to rapidly develop analytical solutions for media and entertainment companies."

Shiv Sehgal
Chief Product Officer at RSG Media
Deutsche Bank

Collaborated with the London–based agency Marketcolor on a Wealth Management online magazine project for Deutsche Bank in Switzerland.

Operam (now Panoramic)

Designed platform to manage million dollars digital campaigns for premiers of Oscar-winning movies like Moonlight or The Shape of Water. Led design team and worked closely with marketing departments to craft the best experience of executing campaigns smoothly over all channels.


Parrot uses machine learning combined with human supervision to deliver accurate and searchable transcripts of your conversations. I worked on making transcribing experience much more effective, fun and rewarding. Set up the design system and product design process.

Another Watch

Another Watch is store with well–designed watches from independent makers. I co–founded Another Watch as a side project and worked on everything from brand, marketing and design direction.

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