Martin Rariga
Digital Product Designer


Designing toolkit for companies to track their SaaS metrics, understand customers and discover growth insights.

Role Lead designer
Date July 2018 – May 2021

As the only designer on the team I had direct impact on crafting the experience for over 10k monthly users – founders and executives at small to large startups. My daily routine includes talking with customers, prioritizing issues and then bringing them to life through intensive prototyping, validation and implementation.

“Incredibly thorough design process. Great design aesthetic. Constantly pushing to learn new things.”

Josh Pigford
CEO and Founder of Baremetrics


Lightweight tool to create beautiful and engaging in-app surveys.

Role Co-founder
Date 2020 – Present

Idea for building Exakt was born after we served Typeform-based survey to customers at Baremetrics. While I loved the insightful results from opportunity scoring, I couldn't find a good way to do ask users directly in-app. I designed and partially developed front-end part of the first iteration and got two other friends on-board. Thanks to the design of the survey we see much higher response rate.

"Martin's ability to quickly learn our business case and technological objectives enabled us to rapidly develop analytical solutions for media and entertainment companies."

Shiv Sehgal
Chief Product Officer at RSG Media


Powering movie marketing campaigns for the biggest Hollywood studios.

Role Lead designer
Date Oct 2016 – Jul 2018

Before Baremetrics I was the first design hire at Operam (now Panoramic). After setting up an overall design process I led a small team of 2 designers for around 2 years. We built a tool for Hollywood studios to optimize their marketing campaigns. Company grew from ~10 people to over 200 and a $100M valuation before it recently got acquired by HudsonMX.

“I’ve founded multiple tech companies and Martin is by far the best designer I’ve ever worked with. His designs are both incredibly elevated yet perfectly accessible. The feedback has been exceptional so far and Martin has truly been our secret weapon and unfair advantage.”

Leo Seigal
CEO and Founder of The Expert