Martin Rariga

Hey, I’m Martin, software product designer based in Prague. Currently designing the next generation spreadsheet at Equals as a Founding Product Designer.

Before Equals I designed project management and invoicing experience for architecture studios at Monograph. I also set the foundation of Monograph’s design system.

For over 2 years before joining Monograph I led design at Baremetrics. As a single designer at one of the most well-known revenue analytics tool I was responsible for everything from marketing, brand and mainly product design.

In 2016 I joined early team at Operam (acquired) where I led design while company grew from 20 to over 200 people and $10s of millions in revenue in about 2 years. We worked on a platform to manage all digital campaigns for some of the biggest Hollywood studios.

Prior to joining Operam I freelanced for couple years while finishing my studies in architecture. I had a chance to work on products from all sorts of industries, from the earliest stages to projects for the largest companies like Deutsche Bank or NBD Emirates.